Mechanical Air Conditioner


KA-C24SRN one-way normally

KA-C24SRN Series is the product of the future, aiming at superior technology and convenience for users when it can save up to 50% ...
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KA-C18SRN Unidirectional

The air conditioner is equipped with nano-technology thermal sponge that acts as a protective layer: anti and dehumidify, effective insulation, ensuring maximum ...
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KA-C12SRN one-way normally

With the advantage of applying many modern technologies to the products, Kawaeco has developed the R32 refrigerant - the most advanced solvent today ...
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KA-C09SRN one-way normally

IClean function - intelligent self-cleaning helps prevent the formation of bacteria, mold in the indoor unit, bringing a healthier living space ...
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