The advantages of KawaEco Smart TV

KawaEco Smart TV – One of the leading brands in Japan has been affirmed for years. Up to now, KawaEco Smart TV has become more and more complete as well as constantly improving product quality with the desire to bring the best experience to users.


  • Luxurious design: KawaEco Smart TV has been doing very well in dominating the market with products with luxurious design such as metal rim design, infinity overflow as well as many sizes. Different sizes suitable for all your home space.


  • Ultra HD 4K picture quality: The next highlight of KawaEco Smart TV is about image quality. With Ultra HD4K image technology, KawaEco’s TV products always give the best experience with super sharp picture quality, 4 times higher than Full HD and 16 times higher than HD. Ensure images are sharp to the smallest details.


  • Rich application store: With KawaEco’s Smart TV product, allowing your TV to connect to the internet to experience a digital technology on your own TV with features such as reading newspapers, watching movies, listening to music, etc. and many other applications.


  • True-to-life sound: KawaEco Smart TV offers the ability to reproduce sound similar to surround sound thanks to its Infinite mode. The noise will be coming from many directions, bringing your whole family into the world of true entertainment like enjoying it directly.



  • Unlimited connectivity: Strong connection for endless entertainment with USB, HDMI, VGA ports, … for you to unleash your passion.

KawaEco Smart TV – Always traveling with Vietnamese people!

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