Use air conditioner properly for young children

Is it good for children to sit continuously in this hot and sunny weather? Does the child have a cold, weaken the immune system or asthma when sitting too much air conditioning?


Air conditioner is safe for small children if used properly. The way the doctor thinks it is better to let the children sit in the air conditioner is to let them face the heat. Young children, especially infants, do not have the ability to regulate body temperature like adults. Therefore, children are more prone to rashes, dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Some experts suggest that a well-ventilated and moderately cool room will help children sleep comfortably and avoid the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS) due to the heat. However, a room that is too cold will cause harm to the child because it will quickly reduce the child’s body temperature.

The following tips will help protect children when using air conditioning:

Adjust the temperature appropriately

Changes in outside temperature and humidity may affect the cooling of the air conditioner. It means that at noon in the hot sun, you can get cool at 23 degrees Celsius but in the evening, set the air conditioner at 26 degrees C to cool.

A room that is hot and cold sometimes makes children uncomfortable. Please keep the temperature at a stable level, not too cold nor too warm, setting the air conditioner at 23-26 degrees Celsius is reasonable.

If the air conditioner has a temperature change timer, set the temperature change mode as analyzed above. If there is no timer, put a thermometer in the room to know the change of temperature to adjust.

Do not let the air conditioner hit the child

Let your child sleep away from the cold breeze that comes from the air conditioner. Wear comfortable clothes for children but should be long pants, long dresses so cold air does not enter the child’s body. For babies, wear socks, hands, a hat, choose a cool summer fabric.

When children sleep, it is possible to apply a thin blanket to the elbow level, avoiding the face.

Clean houses, air conditioning

Pay attention to the maintenance time to make sure the air conditioner is always clean and running at the right capacity. Regularly clean the room clean to prevent bacteria from entering.

Lying in a lot of condition can make children dry skin, mom should pay attention to this. Can use physiological saline drops to the child’s nose to help children uncomfortable when the nose is dry. However, consult a doctor to see if the small solution is appropriate for the child’s age.

Or maybe put a bowl of water in the room. Water will provide moderate humidity to the room to prevent it from drying out.

Use air conditioner properly for young children

Setting the air conditioner at 23-26 degrees Celsius is reasonable and regularly adjusts the temperature according to the change of outside temperature.

Do not suddenly take me outside

When children are sitting in an air-conditioned room, do not suddenly bring them to the outside environment, the temperature difference can cause heat shock.

If you want to take your child out, turn off the air conditioner, let the child continue to sit in that room, the gradual increase of the room’s temperature will help them more adaptable. When the room’s temperature is close to the outdoor temperature, then the child should be taken outside.

Do not overdo the air conditioner

It is not necessary to turn on the air conditioner 24/24 hours. When it is not too hot or too humid, it is best to use electric fans to cool the child.

Because hot air usually rises from low to high, move your child to a lower place, you can place a thin cushion and then let the child lie on the floor always.













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